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Battle of the Bands 2024

Dear Spartanburg,

You showed up and rocked out! On January 27th, Chapman Cultural Center hosted our inaugural Battle of the Bands at Rockers Brewing Co. Ten bands took the stage in front of over 500 attendees for a chance to win $5,000 and recording time at Studio 101 with producer Brad Phillips. It was an exciting night of celebration for the local music scene, and I could not be more proud of the artists that gave it their all and the team we built to facilitate an event like this.

With a first-time event, there are always reservations and anxieties surrounding getting the word out and having a successful night. There was never a doubt in my mind that this event would be explosive, but the energy that night and the experience shared by all completely exceeded my expectations. What we proved as a city at Battle of the Bands is that the people of Spartanburg are eager to experience original music, and our music scene is ready to deliver on that.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2024 Battle of the Bands, Remedy 58! This is a group who have been around the Spartanburg music scene for a long time and have quite the perspective on the evolution and growth in the area. We cannot wait to follow their story at Studio 101 and hear what they come up with. I also want to congratulate the $1,000 Audience Choice Award winner, Sorry, Peach! We’re excited to see their story continue as they find new opportunities on their horizon.

To the remaining artists who were able to participate, Clay Johnson & the Hard Promises, Vera Soul, True Lilith, Sweet Spine, Lindsey Brazell, Barley Cove, REdEFIND, and Ty Graves, I want to offer my deepest thanks for representing all that Spartanburg music has to offer and say congratulations for delivering your show-stopping performances. You came together and did something powerful that night, and this city is going to remember your names. I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish as artists this year!

So, Spartanburg, the question remains as to what’s next...Battle of the Bands will be back. We hope you will stay tuned and await further details as they emerge. But for now, I would like to reflect on how thankful I am for such a strong and supportive community that would afford a local musician like myself the opportunity to create new opportunities for my fellow artists and creatives. You did that, Spartanburg. Be proud, be creative, and be a friend to the arts.

Forever Yours, Spartanburg,

Justus Rollins

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