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Creative Oppotruntities

As we approach the coming year, I have found a word which I intend to define 2024 by: Opportunity. We as an organization have planned something truly special with Battle of the Bands, and it speaks volumes on our initiative to bring opportunities to local musicians and nurture the original art being created around us throughout Spartanburg. Seeing this in my hometown is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to see the excitement on the participants faces during their performances.

Aside from being a Spartanburg native, I am also a local musician. I ran at age 12 into the world of music and I have never dared to look back. In my travels, I’ve made many friends, seen many sights, played for crowds ranging from 80 to 8 people. But along the way, I have also gained a feeling of companionship with Sparkle City and the culture it cultivates. I have gotten to see many of my companions come up through the local music scene and move along to amazing opportunities. I have honed my sound as a musician along with my fellow artists in the community because we make each other better. Community exists to strengthen oneself as an individual, and Spartanburg is a beautiful and brilliant place to foster just that.

Of course, I want Battle of the Bands to bring the community together and be an explosive event; but, above all, I want Battle of the Bands to be inspiring. I want this opportunity to help along the music movement at large in Spartanburg. I want to bring attention to the people I’ve seen spend years building their followings and crafting their songs and I want the Spartanburg audience—the platform of our city—to recognize its decorated history of music and celebrate that it is still alive today. Happy New Year to all, and should old acquaintance be forgot, we hope you’ll bring a cup of kindness to Battle of the Bands on January 27th.

Written By: Justus Rollins, Development Coordinator for Chapman Cultural Center

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