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It’s a Partnership, Not a Dictatorship

Experience isn’t everything when it comes to making music in the eyes of producer and sound engineer Brad Phillips, who is the proud owner of Studio 101 in Woodruff, SC. The winner of Battle of the Bands will get the opportunity to professionally record a single from scratch with Brad in his recently upgraded studio, and I got the chance to ask him about his process, the local music scene, and what the winner has to look forward to.

“It’s a partnership, not a dictatorship,” says Brad of his role as producer and engineer when working with artists. “It’s about giving them an outlet to perform.” One way Brad helps artists try to shape their sound in studio is by letting them work from scratch and work through ideas in a freeing and creative environment, always recording to capture those perfect moments or new ideas as they emerge.

As passionate as Brad is about the recording process, he is just as invested in the local music scene. He sees artists from a wide array of genres come through his studio and hopes that this work can help diversify the local music scene.

“As our area grows, it’s going to contribute to more opportunities and diversity.” This is why we are so excited to launch Battle of the Bands this year. It’s about watching the community grow and thrive through music, and we are thankful to have partners like Brad Phillips and his team of engineers at Studio 101 who are just as dedicated to serving the arts as we are!

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